Sunday 17 February 2019

Slowly, Slowly....

Good afternoon everyone.

I hope you are all well.

Well it's been a busy week at work and there has only been slow progress on everything I've done so far....craft wise that is.

Valentine's Day brought a dozen red roses from my lovely husband....

And I invested in a little 'Herdy' money box to help me save for my yarn obsession....

Happily I have managed to lose another pound in that's eight pounds so far....I have updated my little weight loss tracker at the side of my blog....

No books finished this week but I'm three quarters of the way through this one...

Very creepy...

Can you see my little 'Herdy' bookmark taking care of my page?

My second stitching project of 2019 is complete...

Little House Needleworks - Little Sheep Virtue no. 4 - Courage

I have made a start on another stitching project from my WIP's list...

Little House Needleworks - Little Sheep Virtue no. 5 - Faith

WIPocalypse projects for 2019:-

1  The Spirit of Christmas - Lavender & Lace
2  The Autumn Queen - Mirabilia
3  The Stargazer - Mirabilia
4  Forever Friends - HAED
5  Seashell Treasures - Dimensions
6  Peace - Little Sheep Virtue no. 3 - Little House Needleworks -FINISHED
7  Courage - Little Sheep Virtue no. 4 - Little House Needleworks - FINISHED
8 Faith- Little Sheep Virtue no. 5 - Little House Needleworks 
9  Simplicity - Little Sheep Virtue no. 6 - Little House Needleworks 
10 Patience - Little Sheep Virtue no. 7 - Little House Needleworks 
11 Wisdom - Little Sheep Virtue no. 8 - Little House Needleworks 
12 Friendship - Little Sheep Virtue no. 9 - Little House Needleworks 
13  Kindness - Little Sheep Virtue no. 10 - Little House Needleworks 
14 Gratitude - Little Sheep Virtue no. 11 - Little House Needleworks 
15 Joyfulness - Little Sheep Virtue no. 12 - Little House Needleworks 
16 Oh Christmas Tree - Little House Needleworks
17 Hello Winter - Plum Street Samplers
18 Pomegranate Santa - Plum Street Samplers
19 Ho! Ho! Ho! - With Thy Needle & Thread

That's two down...Only another seventeen to go....

There has been no knitting this week but I have a sock knitting class next week so I'm hoping to get on with my socks.....Mmmm....we see about that!!!

So that's my catch up for another week....

I will check in again next Sunday....

Until then have a lovely week.

Keep safe and warm....

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

I really do appreciate your visits and lovely, encouraging comments.

Enjoy the rest of your day. 


Jo said...

Hi lovely lady, it's been a long while since I popped by.......hope you're ok?
Your cross stitching is just beautiful, glad you're managing to get some pieces finished......I have a few pieces to finish too, maybe this year lol. Well done on the weight loss too......I think I must have found every pound you lost!!
hugs Jo x your Herdy's!

Wendy said...

Gorgeous stitching projects Debbie.Super cute money box, I love sheep. Lucky you with your red roses for Valentines, my husband won’t spend money on flowers even though I love them. Congrats on your weight loss.
Wendy xx

Julie said...

I hope Herdy is soon filled up with cash for a woolly spend on some new yarn.
Pretty stitching.
No heard of that book, will have to investigate. Looks like one some of my book group ladies would enjoy.

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