Tuesday 6 October 2015

Photo Scavenger Hunt ~ September 2015

Good morning everyone.

I hope you are all well.

So the MRI scan is done, just waiting for the results now....about two weeks apparently......

I thought I would join in again with the Photo Scavenger Hunt over at Made With Love. I enjoyed taking part last month and although my photos aren't great and a little fuzzy at times due to the right arm and neck issue....it does give me something else to focus on and I'm loving everyone's different interpretations that the prompts inspire......

So here are my photographs for September.

Woven ~ The ivy that had crept up the trunk of this tree had been cut at the base leaving a network of dead branches.

Repeating ~ The electricity pylons crossing the Lincolnshire countryside.

Greedy ~ The squirrel who collected this little lot.....gathering stores for the winter.

Flowers ~ Autumn Colour.

Curly ~ My hair....it was as straight as a die until I reached 40. It gets curlier the older I get. My hairdresser thinks it has something to do with the 'Change'......so I have decided to embrace 'The Curls'....

Adventures ~ A Sunday morning walk in Hubbard's Hills.....always an adventure.

Line ~  The birds on the telegraph line on a misty morning in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Mesmerising ~ I was mesmerised by this fabulous sand sculpture at Lincoln Castle commemorating the signing of The Magna Carta 800 years ago. 

Triangle ~ This sign stands by the road, at a crossing on our sea front. I have often had to stop the car and let a line of geese cross the road to get to the lake....I have never managed to get a photo of their trips to the fast food shops on the other side of the road!.

Dreamy ~ I failed with this one I'm afraid. This is an old photograph of Bertie and Pickle who were the best of friends....I wonder what they were dreaming about?.

Day ~ Misty morning at Hubbard's Hills.

Whatever You Want ~ One of the 25 Lincoln Baron's who graced the city of Lincoln this summer. 

 Thank you to Greenthumb over at Made With Love for hosting the Scavenger Hunt.

I hope you have enjoyed my pictures....I will do my best to join in with the October hunt.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

I really do appreciate your visits and lovely, encouraging comments.

Enjoy the rest of your day.


Lilly's Mom said...

Hi Debbie. I so enjoyed seeing your lovely photos. Hubbard's Hills looks like a beautiful place. The woven photo is quite amazing. Have a wonderful week.

Crafting Queen said...

Great photos, love the dreamy one. :)

catherine said...

Glad you managed to have the scan Debbie and fingers crossed for quick results so they can help sort you out and ease the pains for you. These are fabulous photos
x catherine

shazza said...

Great photos especially woven and a dog walk is always an adventure. :)

EG CameraGirl said...

I absolutely LOVE the photo of the vines that appear to be woven on the tree! I'm impressed!

Amy at love made my home said...

Some really great finds there! I like the vines and also the picture for line especially! xx

Louise said...

A lovely collection of photos. I love all the misty ones!

Rosie said...

Lovely photos, I've enjoyed them all. I used to live in Lincolnshire but further south in the fens. Love the misty photos and the sand sculpture is wonderful:)

Jumble Tree said...

Lovely photos Debbie - wonderful weaving ivy, and wonderful wavy hair! Like the thought of the geese having their own road crossing sign :) x

Crafty in the Med said...

Hello Debbie

You are following my blog. I am not quite sure since when but I imagine it is over the past month. I have been neglecting my blog because of work...new school year is always stressful and my time is not my own. All the same welcome :-)
I rather like the way you've set up these photos and how you have sequenced them and the headings used. They were enjoyable to follow. I gather you live in Lincolnshire which I know ....well sort of as my sister lives in New Bolingbroke near Boston and I often visit her when I am home in the UK. I'm popping back in to read some of your other posts. I'll get to know you a little more that way.

keep well

Amanda :-)

Jo said...

Glad you've got the MRI out of the way. It's a horrible time waiting for results but at least you'll get some answers. Lovely photos, great interpretation of the prompts. How funny that your hair has gone so curly after being so straight, Eleanor had tight curls when she was a baby but it's as straight as a rod now.

Sheryl said...

Hello Debbie, pleased to have found your interesting blog and enjoyed seeing your Scavenger hunt photos which are an excellent way to keep the mind occupied when health issues are around.

Margaret Birding For Pleasure said...

HI Debbie Loved all your photos and I think your hair is gorgeous. Lovedthe Missty Morning shot, the flowers and the tree roots.

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