Tuesday, 7 January 2014

At The Bottom Of The Garden.....

Good morning everyone.

I hope you are all well.

Well I don't have anything crafty or exciting to share today but I've been meaning to share these photos for a while....

Towards the end of last year we were having a potter around my parent's garden and look what we spied in the damp wooded corner of the garden.

No fairies though.....maybe we scared them off.

I think they are beautiful and I'm always fascinated by them, such fabulous shape and texture.

Thank you for stopping by.

I always appreciate your visits.

Have a lovely day.


Sandra H said...

How lovely you won't see Fairies during the day but they will be around to guard this gorgeous toadstool they truly are lovely thank you for sharing this x

Chrissy said...

How wonderful Debbie..I love mushrooms and toadstools and I do believe in Fairies..I do,I do,I do..these are magnificent specimens..great photos too.[the Fairies will be back when you have all gone..lol..]


Unknown said...

Oh wow Debbie - those are fabulous mushrooms!!! I agree those are Fascinating.

Wonderful cards in your previous posts as well - love the Silver Fairy card, so very elegant.


Sue B said...

Oh Wow! these are fab mushrooms Debbie… not seen any like that before.. but they look straight out of a fairy story… love the colours and textures! :-)
Hope you are well
Hugs Sue xx

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