Sunday, 6 January 2019

WIPocalpse - 19 In 2019....

Hello everyone.

I hope you are all well.

Once again at the start of a new year I have been sorting through all my stitching stash and I have decided to set myself a goal of 19 finishes in 2019.....

I know I tried this last year when I joined in with 


18 in 18

and I failed miserably...

I only managed to complete four WIP's...not good!!!...

This time round I have decided not to join any SAL's as I only end up putting myself under pressure. I'm going to just use my little blog to record my progress and see how I get on. Hopefully I will be more focused and actually make a dent in my WIP's this time....Haha!!! 

There are so many projects that I have started to stitch and/or kitted in the past but I never seem to reach the finishing line on anything these days....

Last year I think I was a tad ambitious, so this year I will try to finish more of my smaller projects and see how long it is before I start something new...

Every month I will share the projects I want to finish and show my my case....'if there is any progress....'

Here is a list of my WIPocalypse projects for 2019:-

1  The Spirit of Christmas - Lavender & Lace
2  The Autumn Queen - Mirabilia
The Stargazer - Mirabilia
 Forever Friends - HAED
5  Seashell Treasures - Dimensions
6  Peace - Little Sheep Virtue no. 3 - Little House Needleworks
7  Courage - Little Sheep Virtue no. 4 - Little House Needleworks 
8 Faith- Little Sheep Virtue no. 5 - Little House Needleworks 
9  Simplicity - Little Sheep Virtue no. 6 - Little House Needleworks 
10 Patience - Little Sheep Virtue no. 7 - Little House Needleworks 
11 Wisdom - Little Sheep Virtue no. 8 - Little House Needleworks 
12 Friendship - Little Sheep Virtue no. 9 - Little House Needleworks 
13  Kindness - Little Sheep Virtue no. 10 - Little House Needleworks 
14 Gratitude - Little Sheep Virtue no. 11 - Little House Needleworks 
15 Joyfulness - Little Sheep Virtue no. 12 - Little House Needleworks 
16 Oh Christmas Tree - Little House Needleworks
17 Hello Winter - Plum Street Samplers
18 Pomegranate Santa - Plum Street Samplers
19 Ho! Ho! Ho! - With Thy Needle & Thread that's my list...I may change it, add things or take things away but for now this is the goal I have set myself....

Here is my starting point for... 

The Spirit of Christmas - Lavender & Lace

My starting point for...

Dimensions - 
Seashell Treasures

And my starting point for...

The Autumn Queen - Mirabilia

Keeping my fingers crossed that I can do better in 2019...

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.

I really do appreciate your visits and lovely, encouraging comments.

Enjoy the rest of your day. 


Marianne's Craftroom said...

Good luck look forward to seeing them finished

Tracy said...

I think it's a great idea not to put pressure on. Your stitching is so lovely Debbie. I must make a note to myself somewhere (other than mentally) to look into the Little Sheep Virtues. They are so sweet.

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